Hey gang! The pack here at Barkley's Bistro believes in sharing news on SAFE vs. NOT SAFE treats & bones for your furry friends... check in often as (unfortunately) there's even FAKE NEWS where dog products are concerned.

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BUSTED... dog bones from Brazil

Ask your local pet shop where their bones - chews - pizzells are ACTUALLY from. Bulk products in most pet & grocery stores are not required to disclose their origin of manufacturing. The same applies to bulk treats - foods - supplements.

Q: Are rawhide and bully sticks from Brazil safe? I have been buying "Made in the USA", but found a large section of Brazilian products today. - Marcy Braun

A: My 1st thought whether with food(beef etc.) is that Brazil does not have the same rules governing their food as we do and so therefore they may have more chemicals and pesticides than we allow in the USA. I once bought some cow hooves that came from a foreign country and had to throw them as they not only made my dogs sick but the smell was horrible. - Jane Christensen


Hey gang... with the recent FDA warnings on (manufactured) dog bones being hazardous to dogs, Chef Colin and the pack here at Barkley's Bistro felt it necessary to share with you how and why our bones are SAFE for your dogs...

The FDA recently reported:

Bone Treat Hazards:

Bone treats are not the same as uncooked butcher bones. With names like “Rib Bones,” Smokey Knuckle Bones,” and “Ham Bones,” they’re often baked or dried through a smoking process or contain ingredients such as seasons, smoke flavorings and preservatives.

Barkley's bones contain ZERO of their hazards listed above.

If you haven't met us in person at farmers markets or shows & festivals across the Midwest... the following is how Barkley's bones are prepared for your dogs to enjoy:

  • Bones are fresh cut from our local butcher

  • We only use the finest, local beef leg bones 

  • We cut off (and never sell) the knuckle bones due to the hazards in chewing on them

  • Bones are smoked at a low temperature for 6+ hours to ensure 100% natural preservation

  • NO chemicals, NO preservatives, NO curing salts, NO artificial flavorings

We stand by our products 100%. Dogs across the country have been chewing on Barkley's Bistro Smokey Bones for many years. We encourage you to treat your dog to a safe and healthy bone this holiday season!

~Chef Colin Murray