Pig's Ears


Holy HOG!!! The fellas at Red Table Meat Co. (The butcher wizards responsible for sourcing and errr... you know... the heritage hog beauties with the MASSIVE ears) dropped a box of ears off this week and we just pulled 'em out of the smoker.

Since they single-source their pigs... our supply of "seconds" for the dogs to enjoy is few and far between... here's the skinny:

Rooted in local farms and grounded in Northeast Minneapolis, “No Surrender” is the maxim that guides this small company. Red Table Meat Co. buys whole pigs from small, sustainable farms and collaborates with farmers to honor the pig from farrow and feed to humane slaughter.  With unmatched freshness and exceptional quality in each bite, this studied craft results in a subtle and refined salumi that is immensely shareable. Red Table promises, simply: Good Meat Here.